Qezel Dagh Mineral Water Spring, Azarshahr

Of the suitable resources for hydrotherapy

About: Qezel Dagh Mineral Water Spring, Azarshahr

In west of Azarshahr, there are red-colored hills named Qizil dagh (gold mountain) from which gassy water are sent out and this is counted among remedial waters. 
Qezel dagh mineral boiling spring in Azarshahr and the great split of its crest-like mountain are among the natural and spectacular scenes of this county which have special charm for visitors and tourists. 
This pure and tasty spring is in a rather high mountain and in a location with rather moderate gas pressure, it boils from ground and its temperature is nearly constant in warm and cold season of year and does not change very much. 

General Specifications
Mineral Water Spring of Qezel Dagh, Azarshahr
It's sediments are in a golden color, hence its springhead and the location of this water are called Qizil Dagh (gold mountaiin)
Other features
Suitable for hydrotherapy
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Duration of visit
One day
Access route
Near Ghallehzar village, 3 kilometers southwest of Azarshahr, Azarshahr county, East Azarbaijan, Iran
Qezel Dagh Mineral Water Spring, Azarshahr
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