Sycamore Tree of Azarshahr

Perper neighborhood, city center, Azarshahr, East Azerbaijan, Iran
About: Sycamore Tree of Azarshahr

The 1200 year old sycamore tree of Azarshahr has exclusive properties: 15 meter height, the area of arena is 750 square meters and the area of its crown is 176 square meter. 
The archaic sycamore tree of Azarshahr is so old and is a kind of survivable and deciduous trees that has been decayed from inside, such that it has been two sections internally, and two splits in north and south has divided the tree into two separate parts, and nonetheless it continues to live. This tree is one of the natural works recorded by cultural heritage of province.
In your travel to Azarshahr, you can visit this tree at the center of the city. 

General Specifications
Sycamore Tree of Azarshahr
Due to the scatterd branches of this tree, the square in which it exists has become famous as Parpar, which means strewn and scattered in Azerbaijani Turkish.
More than 1200 years
Special features
Despite being splitin half, the Azarshahr plane, is still standing.
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Special Offer
Go and see this tree while visiting Azarshahr and don't forget to buy some of the dried fruits of Azarshahr city.
Access route
Perper neighborhood, city center, Azarshahr, East Azerbaijan, Iran
Sycamore Tree of Azarshahr
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