Pardis Hotel Ajab Shir

Ajab Shir- Bonab exit, Vali Amr square, Ajab Shir, East Azerbaijan, Iran
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Located to the exiting part of the city, requires approximately 10 minutes of driving. This hotel is also close the Aghajari Airport.
If you have decided to travel to East Azerbaijan and Tabriz during the vacation , make sure to visit Ajabsher as well for it is one the historical towns of the country with many a naturally beautiful  villages. The picturesque villages have been the touristic destinations of a great deal of our countrymen. 
The Rahmanlu port located within the proximity of about 5 kilometers to the west of Ajabsher is one of the beautiful sights of this country which has given it a special elegance.  The central mosque of Shirlu left from the Safavid era is one of the other historical monuments in this town. The Dahak Castle, located between the two villages of Barazlu and Yeganje, is one of the interesting places in Ajabsher county. The Hanifiye Govaran Mosque known as Mohammad Hanifiye Mosque in Govaran village, Dahak Castle or Dash Castle 28 kilometers to the east of Ajabsher  from the Sassani Era, Shrine Seyyed Abolghasem 2 kilometers to the north of Ajabsher  from the Ilkhani era are of the historical sites of this county. 

General Specifications
Pardis Hotel Ajab Shir
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2 star
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Coffee Shop
Swimming pool
Taxi service
Prayer room
Room facilities
Iranian toilet
Western toilet
Heating system
Cooling system
Reception and Reservation
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Iranian restrooms are available outside the rooms.
Pardis Hotel Ajab Shir

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