Gandoman Lagoon

Among the top ten birdwatching wetlandsof Iran

About: Gandoman Lagoon

Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province contains 6 wetlands that are located like a chain from the southern side of Borujen County along with Kalar Mountain. 
Among them, Gandoman and Choghakhur Wetlands are international. 
Gandoman Lagoon is a wetland near Gandoman town in Borujen County. It is among top 10 birdwatching wetlands in Iran. This beautiful wetland has been registered in the International Organization of Seabirds Research in London. Gandoman Wetland has also been registered in the list of Ramsar Convention. 
Standing in the southwest of Gandoman, this lagoon covers an area of 980 hectares and is 2219 meters above sea level. The sources by which the lagoon water is supplied are rain and snow as well as the springs (the springs such as Gol-e Koochak, Gol-e Bozorg, Moradan, and Nasirabad around the lagoon) and Aq Bolagh River. 
The lagoon vegetation mainly consists of fringing and hydrophilic species including willows, Louie, Carex, Iris, Buttercup, Potamogeton gramineus, umbrella papyrus, and Lemna. Birds like stork, heron, cormorant, different types of ducks, crake, etc. can also be seen in Gandoman lagoon. There are also some fish in the wetland like iridescent toothcarp, anchovy, and black fish. 
Breeding and looking after horses as well as horseback riding in the meadow around the wetland are among the recreational and sports activities of the wetland area. The tradition of breeding horse has been common in this Bakhtiari district since long time ago. As a result, a special horse breed which is a mixture of local and Arab breed has been raised. 
About 70 to 80 percent of this lagoon is dry. As well as drought and deprivation of natural water, Gandoman Wetland is also faced with extreme use of water for agriculture. In addition, it has been invaded by people who intend to gather fodder from the reedy fields of this lagoon. 

General Specifications
Gandoman Lagoon
Taken from the name of Gandoman city
Its height from sea level is 2219 meters.
Animal features
Stork, birds of prey, heron, cormorant, Anatidae, water rail and plover, Iridescent toothcarp, shemaya, starry sturgeon and Capoeta
Plant features
Willow trees, witchgrass, sedges, saz, reed, common cattail, iris, buttercup, grass rush, pondweed, umbrella palm, lemna and Bozwash.
Other features
This beautiful wetland has been registered at the international sea birds research bureau of London.
Protected area
Best time to visit
Nearest tourist attractions
Choghakhor lagoon
Access route
4 kilometers from Gandoman city, Gandoman district, about 90 kilometers from Shahr e Kord, Borujen county, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Iran
Access to vehicles
Gandoman Lagoon

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