Jashak Salt Dome, Dashti

Of the largest andmost beautiful salt domesin the world.

About: Jashak Salt Dome, Dashti

Dashti or Jashak Salt Dome or Salt Mountain is a vast and high region in the north west of Jashak Mountain on the Sothern end of Zagros Mountains and between Deyr County and Dashti County in Bushehr Province. It is one of the greatest and most active and spectacular salt domes in Iran and Middle East and one of the sights in Bushehr Province that was registered in Bahman 1386 as a national natural fossil monument and as one of the four regions under Environmental Protection Agency supervision. The most important and obviously different property of Jashak Salt Mountain is the type of salt on these salt mountains, domes and its unique caves, waterfalls, crystals, etc.
Jashak Salt Dome is the eighty eighth natural monument in the list of Iran’s natural heritage that was recorded by Cultural Heritage Organization on 20th of Bahman 1389.

General Specifications
Jashak Salt Dome
Animal features
Wild goat, fox, jackal and hyena and birds such as Sandgrouse, partridge, See-see partridge, bee-eaters, swallows, common swift, sparrows and finches, Also a variety of reptiles.
Plant features
The total vegetation of the area include milkvetch, periploca and Zygophyllum.
Special features
Salt domeofDashti is very beautiful and unique in Iran and even in the whole world.
Best time to visit
Spring till Fall
Access route
64 kilometers south of Kormoj city the center of Dashti county, near Gankhak village, Bushehr province, Iran
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Jashak Salt Dome, Dashti

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