Nayband National Marine Park

The first nationalmarine park in Iran

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Nayband National Marine Park is one of the national parks in the south of Iran that with an area of more than 42 thousand hectares in Bushehr Province was recorded in 1382 by Supreme Council of Environment Protection as the first national marine park of the country. Nayband National Marine Park, located in the south of Bushehr, is comprised of invaluable and rare plant and animal species and the most important feature of it is existence of various hollow, sandy, coral and forest beaches.
This park is one of the most invaluable marine habitats in Persian Gulf that includes coral complexes, seaweeds, numerous coves, mangrove forests, beautiful sandy beaches, rocky shores and old fig trees of temples and is the most appropriate place as an ecosystem.
There are 7 areas (Nayband National Marine Park, Deyr-Nakhilou National Park, Mond Protected Area, Heleh Protected Area, Khark Wildlife Refuge, Jashak National Natural Salt Mountain and Kharko National Natural Monument) under management in Bushehr Province at the moment with an area of 152477 hectare as well as two prohibited hunting areas (Mond Mountain and Tang-e Bahush Mountain- Shahzadeh Ibrahim) with an area of 106266 hectare.

General Specifications
Nayband National Marine Park
Type of beach
National marine park
Geographical features
Persian Gulf coast
Special features
Is of the most valuable marine habitats of Persian Gulf.
Important parts to visit
Jungles of the region, persian gulf in the vicinity of Nayband national park.
Best time to visit
Access route
300 kilometers south of Bushire in Asaluyeh, Bushehr province, Iran
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Nayband National Marine Park

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