Savalan Mountain

In Iran, it has the highest summit with its very own peak-top lake.

About: Savalan Mountain

Sabalan (in Turkish Azerbaijani: Savalan) is one of the high mountains of Iran in the North West of this country and it is located between the province of Ardabil and East Azerbaijan. Sabalan is third highest peak (After Mount Damavand and Alam) and a non-active volcano.

This mountain height is 4811 meters (In Ardabil province) and a small lake located at the summit. Thanks to natural spa, beautiful summer nature and ski resort Alvares, Sabalan is among interests of tourists. As well, Sabalan Mountain is known as the place for Iranian prophet’s Be’sat, Zoroaster. An example is observed in the book Thus Spoke Zarathustra written by Nietzsche, referred to Zarathustra has to come down out of the mountain Sabalan. In this respect, it is a sacred and respected place that even it is sworn among indigenous and tribals. 

Mount Sabalan was recorded in No.12/19496 in the list of registered national natural works, its ownership document has been issued from the height of more than three thousand and 600 meters an area of 200 hectares to 6000 under the name of Environmental Protection Agency.

Among the natural phenomena, we can mention the following:
The sacred alter stone, Eagle Rock or Qartal, Volcanic crater lake, glaciers and snow holes to be as old as the mountains, heights and pinnacles with special  environmental features including daq or small pyramid of Sabalan with a height of 4587meters, Daq heal with height of 4577 meters or deficit, And daghi Jenvar (daghi Qibla) with height of 3950 meters.

General Specifications
Savalan Mountain
In local tongue, Savalan, means pond.
The maximum altitude of this peak is 4811 meters from sea level and its the highest point in Azerbaijan and third highest in the world.
Animal features
11 wildlife habitats have been identified in the Savalan region,. Brown bear, wild goat, white-chested hedgehog, weasel, boar, golden eagle, northern goshawk, variety of finch, lizard
Plant features
A variety of barberry, borage, garlic, pink, valerian, rose, common madder, tulip and etc
Special features
There's a lake on the summit.
Best time to visit
Necessary tools and equipment
Mountain climbing shoes and equipment, warm clothes
Nearest tourist attractions
Sareyn hot spring, Shabil hot spring, Qeynarje hot spring
Access route
25 kilometers southeast of Meshginshahr, 35 kilometers west of Ardabil, Meshginshahr county, Ardabil province Iran
Parking at the beginning of ascension
Restroom at the beginning of ascension
Residence at the beginning of ascension
Shelters on the path
Drinkable water spring on the path
Network coverage
Savalan Mountain
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