Gilavan Village

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About: Gilavan Village

Gilvan village has been located exactly in borders of Ardabil and Gilan, between Khalkhal and Rasht. 
The height of this mountainous village is 1080 meters from sea level and its weather is cold in winters and moderate in summers. The average annual raining has been reported as 950 millimeters. 
The ancient graveyard of village discovered in Khanghah Gilvan area indicated the locality of Gilvan tribe in this village. People of Gilvan village speak in Tat and Talesh. Race of Gilvan people is from Jewish Tat. 

General Specifications
Local language
Tati, Talysh
Customs and traditions
Nowruz feast ceremonies, Sadeh festival and Abangan day, day of the Sultan, Druza, 45 Nowruz and Bonejack and etc.
Local products and souvenirs
Wheat, tobacco, corn, potato, alfalfa and beans, apricots, apples, quince and pears
Important parts to visit
Adobe castle, ancient graveyard, nature of the village
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Access route
45 kilometers from Rasht, 65 kilometers southeast of Khalkhal, Shahrud district, Khalkhal county, Ardabil province, Iran
Gilavan Village
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