Shukurlu Village

About: Shukurlu Village

Shokorlu is considered as an important and historical village in Mugan district. It is made up of important ancient hills of Agha Mal Tapasi and Matlab Tapasi, and has been registered in Iran's list of historical monuments. These ancient hills date back to Parthian Empire and the early centuries of Islam. Moreover, a historical cemetery has been found in this village, in which the dead are buried in vats towards the Sun according to Mithraism rites. 
This village has been registered in old registration of deeds offices under the name of Qasem kandi.

General Specifications
Before Zoroaster, belonging to the cult of Mithra
Local language
Azerbaijani Turkish
Ancient village
Important parts to visit
Ancient sites
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Duration of visit
One day
Access route
Slope of Haji Hasan mountain, on the route of Germi-Chaypara connection road, at the fringe of Tulun river (Tulun Chay), 9 kilometers from Germi city, Ardabil province, Iran
Shukurlu Village

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