Ieni Village

About: Ieni Village

This village is located in Ardabil. It is considered as the largest village in Mugan plain. Ini village is divided into three parts of upside, downside, and middle Ini villages. The middle village is the center of these three villages. The upside Ini village is the largest one. 
Ini village has several tourist attractions such as Ini Qalasi, Digehbar old city and ancient hills, temples, Qariban mosque, etc.

General Specifications
Local language
Azerbaijani Turkish
Customs and traditions
Mourning of the sixth day of Moharram
Important parts to visit
Ieni castle, old city of Dige Bar and the ancient sites, recreational forest, natural glacier and etc
Best time to visit
Spring until early Fall
Duration of visit
One day
Access route
10 kilometers from Germi, Ardabil province, Iran
Ieni Village

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