Shorabil Recreational Lake

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With an area of 180 Hectares, Shorabil Lake is located 2 kilometers south of Ardabil. It was known for its medical sludge and salinity before, but in recent years a type of trout is bred there as a result of desalination. Every fall, Hundreds of migrating birds travel to this lake from Russia and spent the winter in this wetland. 
Currently, Shorabil Lake is one of the recreation centers of Ardabil, beside which an amusement park and a green space have been built. Shahr-e-Xorshid (City of the Sun) indoor amusement park was inaugurated with modern equipment in the lake shore in 2012. 
Recreational, cultural, and sports facilities of the lake include boating equipment, athletic field, cycling path, zoo, hotels, amusement park, and a floating restaurant in the middle of the lake. 
Shorabil is the only natural lake within a city in Iran. 
Hunting is forbidden in this area.

General Specifications
Shorabil Recreational Lake
Special features
Shorabil is the only natural intercity lake in Iran.
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Special Offer
If you wanted to visit the lake during winter, be careful of the ice fractures on the lake's surface, the danger of drowning is imminent.
Access route
2 kilometers southeast of Ardabil towards Khalkhal, Ardabil province, Iran
Shorabil Recreational Lake
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