Neor Fresh Water Lake

About: Neor Fresh Water Lake

Neor is a lake between Ardabil city and Khalkhal County in Ardabil Province.      
The maximum depth of the lake varies between 5.5 and 13 meters. The lake's water is used for watering farmlands. Every year, a few young rainbow trout are released to the lake in order to control the population of Gammarus in the lake. Neor Lake shines like a mirror in the moonlight in summer nights.

General Specifications
Neor Fresh Water Lake
Geographical features
Thislake is located in the coloful slopes of Baghro mountains in the altitude of 2700 meters above sea level.
Special features
Its trout is famous.
Best time to visit
Spring and Summer
Necessary tools and equipment
Fishing and means temporary residence
Nearest tourist attractions
Qara Gol waterfall and pond at the Baghro mountain
Access route
2500 meter heights of the Baghro mountains, 48 kilometers southeast of Ardabil towards Khalkhal, Ardabil province, Iran
Drinkable water spring
Neor Fresh Water Lake
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