Friday Mosque of Ardabil

Pirshamseddin neighborgood, Ardabil, Iran
About: Friday Mosque of Ardabil

Ardabil Mosque Friday is a mosque in Ardabil in northwest of Iran. 
This building is among the oldest and the most important Islamic mosques of Iran and Azerbaijan. This mosque is related to Seljuk era and is located next to a fire temple and the old building of mosque has been relevant to fire temple. Mosque Friday contained yard, porch and dome that were destroyed in Mongol attack and now a part of mosque is intact. 
Construction period of mosque relates to Seljuk era. In body of minaret, order of Ozon Hassan Aq Qoyonlou and an inscription with date of 878 AH existed and its size was 12/50 in 9/80 meter. The main structure of mosque is from brick. 

General Specifications
Friday Mosque
Seljuk Dynasty
Special features
Its place was part of the fire temple.
Best time to visit
Duration of visit
One hour
Access route
Pirshamseddin neighborgood, Ardabil, Iran
Friday Mosque of Ardabil
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