Bazaar of Ardabil

This complex contains mosque, bathhouse and bazaar.

Emam street, Ardabil, Iran
About: Bazaar of Ardabil

Historic complex of Ardabil Bazaar has been located in center of city and in sides of Imam Khomeini Street, and due to its antiquity and traditional architecture, it is counted as interesting and historic Bazaars. And like other Bazaars, it includes rows, Serra, mosque and bathroom. 
In 7 and 8 centuries, Ardabil has developed very much. In next eras, a part of great Bazaar, and Serra was counted as endowment of Sheikh Safi-ad din Ardabili, and revenues and earnings was spent for this monument. 
Historic complex of Ardabil Bazaar has been repaired by cultural heritage organization and in recent years has been recorded with registry number 1690. 

General Specifications
Bazaar of Ardabil
Safavid era and before
Special features
Was on the Silk Road.
Important parts to visit
Qeysarie bazaar, rastas and serais
Duration of visit
One hour or more
Similar relics and places
Covered bazaars related to the safavid period of Iranian cities.
Access route
Emam street, Ardabil, Iran
Access to vehicles
Bazaar of Ardabil
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