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Taleghan County with centricity of Taleghan is one of the counties of Alborz Province in Iran. Taleghan District is the habitat of wildlife and different plant species that are qualified for being a promenade. Apart from natural values, Taleghan District contains many shrines and precious historical places that add to its attractions.
Tavaghof people are a hermit group who live in one of the areas in Taleghan County in Alborz. They are followers of Mirza Sadegh Mojtahedi Tabrizi and simple life. The place they live is known as Ista Village.
They keep distance from others and let few people in their houses. They keep away from any signs of modernism and technology and they have developed a bubble of rumors and strange words round them by isolating themselves and living a monastic life. Natives of Taleghan who do not really know where they have come from or what kind of beliefs they have, sometimes call them Ismaili and sometimes hermit who are longing the advent of Imam Mahdi (the last Shia leader).

General Specifications
Local language
Azerbaijani Turkish
Customs and traditions
They use none of the modern equipment and technlogies and live compeletly traditionally.
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Ista village, Taleghan county, Alborz province, Iran
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Ista Village

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