Khur Waterfall

About: Khur Waterfall

Khor is a 50-meter-high waterfall in the north of Karaj, the beginning of Chalus Road. The gardens of Khor village, the ski resort, and the waterfall make up the tourist attractions of this district in Alborz Province. Like other areas around Chalus Road, this area has plenty of gardens, and the blooming of buds and flowers in the spring enhances the beauty of the area. 
Khor Village is located in Alborz Province, near Amirkabir or Karaj Dam. Khor ski resort, which is located beside the village, hosts skiers and especially, tube riders in winters.

General Specifications
Khur Waterfall
50 meters
Plant features
Plum and sour cherry trees and other trees of the village
Best time to visit
Duration of visit
One day
Nearest tourist attractions
Khur ski resort next to the village
Access route
In close vicinity of Karaj dam, about 20 kilometers from Karaj-Chalus road, Alborz province, Iran
A large restroom has been made at the beginning of the road, which is often out of service.
Khur Waterfall
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