Yakh Morad Cave

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Ice caves are any kind of natural cave with a considerable amount of ice inside it or at least a part or parts of the cave should have been at temperatures under zero or 32 degree farenheight throughout the year and water should run into the subzero part of the cave.
Yakh Morad Cave in the roundabouts of Azadbar and Kohneh Deh villages in Gachsar Area and Chalous Road is one of these ice caves in Iran. The cave is about 65 kilometers from Tehran. This cave is about 2640 meters high from sea level and its opening is 3 meters wide and eight meters high. The very beautiful cressets in this cave are in their best condition in Esfand and Farvardin. The significant point about this cave is that it is stratified which is rare among Iranian caves. In a part of the cave, there are four floors with a height difference of more than 30 meters.
The entrance of the cave is in the heights of the mountains and the cave path has mostly a downward slope and finally you find yourself in frozen springs on the ground and sponge stalactites by reaching the depth of the cave.

General Specifications
Yakh Morad Cave
The locals belived that whoever eats of the ice inside the cave their wish would come true within a year.
Geological history
The third geological period
Physical features of the cave
Its enterance has 3 meters of width and 8 meters of height.
Best time to visit
March and April
Necessary equipment
Headlamps and warm clothes
Access route
84 kilometers from Karaj, in the vicinity of Kohneh Deh village in Gach Sar district, Alborz province, Iran
Access to vehicles
Network coverage
Yakh Morad Cave
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