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2019 / 10 / 17
fluent in English
Farsi is my mother tongue
About Me: tabassom naghavi
Im Tabassom and I have been Working as a tour guide since 2016 which is not only my job but my passion
I have Designed walking food tours in Shiraz for the first time and co-operating with many companies
I am known as a very sociable and energetic guide among my co-workers and that is because I love to share the beauty of my country in the best way possible
I have Traveled a lot as a solo traveler which has provided me a perfect understanding of needs and interests of the tourists who travel to Iran
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Date of birth
3 / May / 1995
Fars / Shiraz
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Per Day
60 dollars per day
Per hour
10 dollars per hour
I can provide transportation for up to 4 people with my own car
you will taste the bests of Iranian cuisine through the tours as I know the best spots in each city
Historical tours in Shiraz and around Iran (Tehran, Isfahan, Kashan, Yazd, Kerman,..)
Eco-tours in Fars
Food tours (culinary walk) in Shiraz
B.A degree in industrial engineering
Post graduate diploma in Tourism
Tourism certificate
Having official tour guide certificate from Iran cultural heritage handicrafts and tourism organization
having 3 years of experience as a tour guide
Shiraz has so much to offer regarding food.
In this 6 hour walking food tour which is the most favorite tour by travelers, tourists will be experiencing the best of everything tasty that’s unique to Shiraz. We’ll stop for numerous nibbles; sit down for meals and drinks. We’ll visit the local market to meet vendors who have been there for generations, take them to the backstreets of the bazaar and introduce them to the most exquisite ingredients used in this part of the world. Along the way, I will educate them on the history and culture of Shiraz, while discovering
Some of its lesser visited neighborhoods and landmarks.

 Cost: €50 per person
 Tour start at 9:00 am and finish at 3 pm


Visiting Nasir-almolk mosque in the morning followed by a walk through Vakil complex (Arg of Karimkhan, Vakil bath, Vakil mosque) and a stop for special Shirazi Faloodeh in the most famous ice cream shop . Having lunch in one of the greatest Shirazi restaurants and spending some time in bazaar. Finishing the day with a visit to a beautiful garden of Shiraz while getting to know about the poets of Shiraz is always a good choice.
Persepolis is a must see. So for the next day we head to Persepolis and after visiting this amazing ancient city with almost 2 to 3 hours of wandering and learning about the ancient Iran, we go to see Necropolis and Pasargadae, the royal tombs of Iranian kings which are still glorious after 2500 years.
 Cost: €60 per day
 Intimate groups of 1-20

Mostly central and western parts of Iran are where you can find magnificent monuments that reflect the history of different eras and dynasties.
You can ask me to design an itinerary for you based on your time, interest and budget or you can design and customize your favorite tour to Iran. Iran is known as a culturally rich country with hundreds of historical monuments that reflect the history and culture of the era they are built in, the suggestion below can be only one example of many different travel plans we can set
• Day 1 Tehran
• Day 2 Tehran to Kashan
• Day 3 Kashan to Isfahan
• Day 4 Isfahan
• Day 5 Isfahan to Yazd
• Day 6 Yazd
• Day 7 Yazd to Shiraz
• Day 8 Shiraz
• Day 9 Shiraz To Tehran
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