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2019 / 10 / 19
Fluent in English, excellent in Persian, basic in Arabic and French
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tours all around Iran, Turkey, Armenia and Georgia
2019-10-03 07:29
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This is my second time to visit Iran and Erfan drove and guided me from the border of the exit of Turkey through the northern area in Iran (Urmia lake, Tabriz, Takht-e Solyman, Kandovan village, Babak castle, St. Stephanus church, Jolfa, etc.), and then to Armenia (Tatev monastery, Xndzoresk bridge and cave village, Sevan lake, Garni temple Geghard monastery, Yerevan, and so on) for 10 days.

Erfan is really kind, attentive and easygoing. I could have a very funny and comfortable trip thanks to him. I do recommend Erfan as a skillful guide and traveling companion to your trip!

Khaily mamnoon (Hontoni arigato 本当にありがとう), Erfan

Also, thank you so much for the considerate and perfect arrangement, Saeed
JP & Justine
2019-09-03 12:41
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Erfan is an amazing guide in all aspects.

We are use to travel on our own and we were a bit worried about having a personal driver and guide with us for our 3rd tour in Iran, but Erfan was the perfect guide for us.
He is very kind, caring and flexible for his guest's envies so we could adjust our planning according to the people we met (which was very important for us).
Erfan is also very knowledgeable about his country, interested in history, literature, music, etc. He also speaks very good English and is a very good and careful driver.

Over all, he is a very positive person, always up to new experiences. For example, we've been camping on top of a mountain in Alamut =)

Thanks to Erfan we had an amazing time in Western and Northern Iran. I would definitely recommend Erfan to anyone looking for a super friendly tailored journey around Iran.
2018-10-04 16:17
Karma 1
We visited Iran for a fortnight during last august-september and it was Erfan who drove all over the tour and took care of everything so that we missed nothing at all.

Erfan is a really skillful driver and very patient person and we felt accompanied in every sense with him. He provided us with anything we needed or wished (any stop to take pictures, a memory card for my smartphone, excellent coffees or delicious fresh juices with ice cream in them, for instance).

Besides the rich awesome Islamic architecture, thanks to him we got to discover the country´s Zoroastrian legacy, the pre-islamic history and quite a lot about nowadays Iranian society (we also had the chance to meet some of his relatives, who were incredibly kind to us!). Erfan is very well read in the Persian writers and poets too.

For all the stated I do recommend Erfan as a reliable, easy-going and efficient driver, completely devoted to his guests.
Marlies Stubbe
2018-06-24 13:41
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Erfan is a kind and attentive guide, always looking for to make life as easy as possible to his guests, to pass on to us ancient as well as modern Persian culture, to translate at any occasion including carpet negociations, and (not unimportantly in Iran) a very responsible driver! We drove to the northwest together for 6 days, we had a good time together and we keep contact until now - good memories only!
Kate peluse
2018-04-02 18:42
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Erfan worked as a guide and driver for me for nearly two weeks out my recent month-long tour of Iran, taking me to some remote places not accessible by public transportation. He has a good knowledge of Persian culture and traditions and, in perfectly adequate English, answered all my questions and contributed a lot to my understanding of Iran and its people.

Aside from being knowledgeable, he is also alert to his guests and makes sure that they have what they need to endure the rigors of an Iranian summer. We made frequent stops, for example, in roadside cafés to enjoy a cool glass of crushed melon with or without delicious Iranian ice cream. Then, fully refreshed, we were off to another amazing site, such as the rock reliefs at Bisotun or the ruins of a Zoroastrian temple at Takht-e-Soleyman.

As a result, I returned home full of energy and ready to plan my next trip to Iran, so I recommend Erfan highly to anyone who wants the adventure to last!
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