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Saturday 31 August 2019
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Iran Golden Triangle tour is the most suitable tour for those of you who have a shortage of time and wants to visit best of the bests in Iran. This 7 days tour will bring you to three remarkable cities of the country which have the richest Persian heritages both in terms of the historical sites and cultural identity. By Golden Triangle tour you will have glimpse of Iran by visiting Shiraz, Yazd and Isfahan cities and so many other places between them.
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Iran Golden Triangle Tour
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Saturday 31 August 2019
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Thursday 05 September 2019
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699 Euro
5 stars, 4 stars and boutique traditional hotels
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19 to 89
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Small Group Tour/Guaranteed Departure
Transportation by deluxe vehicle with AC
Head office location: Vancouver, Canada

Iran Golden Triangle tour is the most suitable tour for those of you who have a shortage of time and wants to visit best of the bests in Iran. This 7 days tour will bring you to three remarkable cities of the country which have the richest Persian heritages both in terms of the historical sites and cultural identity. By Golden Triangle tour you will have glimpse of Iran by visiting Shiraz, Yazd and Isfahan cities and so many other places between them. 

The tour starts from Shiraz, the cultural capital city of Persia. In this city and around, we will explore some of the most famous historical places such as Persepolis known as the ceremonial capital of Persian Empire, Pasargadae the first capital city of Persian Empire and where tomb of Cyrus the Great (Founder of Persian Empire) is located and Necropolis which is home to last resting place for Darius the Great and some other famous Persian Empires. Shiraz is also famous for its Gardens and poets and so many other things to offer to its visitors.

The second fascinating city which we will visit is Yazd. This city is famous for its Zoroastrian temple, Towers of Silence, Wind Catchers, Zorkhaneh and the largest world heritage site with 890 hectares of area is located in the heart of Yazd, known as Historical City of Yazd (World Heritage Site). Wandering around Historical City of Yazd is something exceptional and unforgettable experience.

And last but not least, Isfahan city once called “Half of the World” is the shinning point of this Golden Triangle. Walking into Naghsh-e Jahan square, the second biggest square in the world but definitely the most beautiful and breathtaking one, will blow your mind. Walking through historical bridges of Isfahan and hearing retired or young men and boys singing will stop you to join them and sing with them.


(*World Heritage Sites)

Included services:

  • Accommodation: 5-stars, 4 and 3 stars boutique hotels
  • Transport: Private first-class air conditioning vehicle
  • Visa Reference Code: Required to apply for your Iranian Visa
  • Guide: English-speaking Local Guide
  • Refreshment: 250 ml bottled water and juice per person, once a day
  • Meals: Daily breakfast and 1 dinner

Excluded services:

  • Flight: International flight
  • Visa: Your Iranian Visa
  • Insurance: It will be upon arrival at airport (about 15 Euros)
  • Meals: Lunch and dinner
  • Entrance fees: Mentioned monuments

Day 1: Shiraz Arrival (International Airport) (-,-,-)

On your arrival to Shiraz, you will be greeted and transferred to your hotel. Depending on your arrival time, we will organize you some day tours.
For your evening, we have a visit to Shah Cheragh the third important holy Shrine of Shia Muslims, in Iran.
What you will explore today:
• Shah Cheragh
• And more… depending on your arrival time
Overnight: Shiraz

Day 2: Shiraz (B,-,-)

Start a beautiful morning in Shiraz to visit The Pink Mosque (Nasir-Al-Molk mosque) which is the most colorful mosque in the world by the opinion of visitors. Then our day will continue towards Narenjestan-e Ghavam house, one of the most beautiful traditional houses in Shiraz with full of citrus trees blossom and aura. From there we will go to the inner house of Narenjestan which is called Zinatolmolk House.
After that we will continue to Madraseh Khan, a religious school which the great philosopher and theologian the Mulla Sadra taught many known people in there. Our way will go on with entering to Vakil bazaar, it is home to many handicrafts and souvenirs to shop. Sarai Mosheir, Hamam-e Vakil, Vakil mosque are the part of this complex which we will explore all of them one by one.
This amazing tour continues to Pars museum and Karim Khan castle. Karim Khan Zand was the founder of the Zand Dynasty, ruling from 1751 to 1779.
The last visit for a day will be Tomb of Hafez. Hafez was born in Shiraz in 1315 and died there in 1390. A beloved figure of the Iranian people, who learn his verses by heart, Hafez was prominent in his home town and held a position as the court poet. In his memory, a small, dome-like structure was erected in Shiraz at his grave.
What you will explore today:
• Pink mosque (Nasir-Al-Molk mosque)
• Narenjestan Ghavam house
• Zinatolmolk house
• Madraseh Khan
• Vakil Bazaar
• Vakil mosque
• Vakil Hamam (Bath)
• Pars museum
• Karim Khan Castle
• Tomb of Haf

Day 3: Shiraz – Persepolis - Necropolis – Pasargadae – Yazd (B,-,D)

After breakfast we will drive towards Yazd city with amazing stops on our way. We will visit the breath-taking Persepolis (515 BC) with its master pieces of artwork that exemplifies Achaemenid style of architecture. In our visit to Persepolis, we will use a local tour guide who is expert in Persepolis and Persian Empire history to get to know Persepolis in depth.
And later on, we will continue to the Necropolis, the burial site of the five most notorious Kings of Achaemenid.
And for our last stop on the road, we will visit Pasargadae, the first capital city of Persian Empire, and visit to the Cyrus the Great tomb, Cyrus was the founder of Persian Empire and its magnificent tomb is made of huge lime stones. He wrote the first charters of human rights (538 BC).
What you will explore today:
• Persepolis
• Necropolis
• Pasargadae & Tomb of Cyrus the Great
• Depending on the length of a day and timing, we will visit Aghazadeh historical house in Abarkouh
Overnight: Yazd

Day 4: Yazd (B,-,-)

We will spend a full day experiencing the mysterious world of Zoroastrians by visiting the Fire Temple and Towers of Silence. Next, we will visit the astonishing Yazd water museum and learn about the underground water canals, Qanats, and see the marvelous Islamic Amirchakhmagh complex.
Let’s start our afternoon by being awed by the towering minarets and fantastic brick and tile artwork of Yazd Jameh mosque.
Then we will be getting lost in historical town of Yazd wondering around and looking at simple but beautiful mud-made houses with wind towers that cool down the houses as a natural air conditioner. Through our walking in the old neighborhood, we will get to know about Ab Anbar (water storages), Alexander’s Prison, and Twelve Imams’ Tomb.
During the evening we will have an hour stop in Zorkhaneh (traditional body gym) to look at the real show of exercising with great drum call and spiritual poetry by Morshed.
What you will explore today:
• Fire temple
• Towers of Silence
• Yazd water museum
• Amir Chakhmagh Complex
• Jameh mosque of Yazd
• Historical City of Yazd
• Ab Anbar
• Alexander’s Prison
• Zorkhaneh (traditional body gym)
Overnight: Yazd

Day 5: Yazd- Meybod – Desert in Varzaneh – Isfahan (B,-,-)

After early breakfast, we will leave to Isfahan by visiting the historical city of Meybod and Varzaneh desert.
We will have a great chance to visit Pigeon house and one of Shah Abbasi Caravansaries and Chaparkhaneh (old style post office) and natural Icehouse that show cases Iranian innovation and architectural skill.
Then we will continue to desert of Varzaneh, this desert is one of the most famous deserts for locals for weekend’s safari and vacations. In Varzaneh we will also visit one of its Chah Gav, traditional way of bring water out of well by the power of bull. In this place, there is a man who is singing a song for a bull to persuade it to work.
What you will explore today:
• Caravansary
• Chapar Khaneh (Old style post office)
• Icehouse
• Pigeon house
• Desert in Varzaneh
• Gav Chah

Day 6: Isfahan (B,-,-)

Full day city tour in Isfahan, we will start exploring our second day in Isfahan by visiting Chehel Sotoun Palace and its jaw dropping painting of Persian history on its inner walls. The palace is made up of twenty columns but because of the reflection in the water, they call it the forty column palace.
Then we will wonder around the second biggest square in the world, Naqsh-e Jahan Square which is definitely the most beautiful one. This square is surrounded by Imam Mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah mosque, Ali Qapu Palace and one by one we will explore them. Then it is time to walk through bazaar of Isfahan for some shopping.
In the late evening, we will take you to Zayandeh Rud, a striking historical bridges surrounded by beautiful green space. Enjoy the cool and lively atmosphere of Pol-e Khaju and Si-o-Se Pol bridges. Take a stroll and get to know the local friendly people.
What you will explore today:
• Chehel Sotoun palace (World Heritage Site)
• Naghsh-e Jahan Square (World Heritage Site)
• Imam mosque
• Sheikh Loftollah mosque
• Ali Qapu Palace
• Pol-e Khaju
• Si-o-Se-Pol
Overnight: Isfahan

Day 7: Isfahan (B,-,-)

Your last day on your this trip to Iran. Today we will show you one of the oldest mosques in Iran, Jameh Mosque of Isfahan (World Heritage Site). This mosque has been built, renovated and some part has been added to it during different period of time. So you will see different period’s architectural style and art works here.
From there we will go to Menar Jonban (Shaking Minarets), here we will experience an incredible moment that one man will go up to one of the minarets and start shaking it so both high minarets will start shaking.
Afterword, we will continue to an elegant neighborhood of Jolfa district where Armenian (Christian) people of Isfahan are living. Here we will visit one of the most beautiful churches in Iran, Vank church, with its beautiful paintings and Armenian museum located inside the church.
What you will explore today:
• Jameh mosque of Isfahan
• Menar Jonban
• Vank church
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Hotel Shiraz 5 stars Shiraz
Fahadan Boutique Hotel 4 stars Yazd
Sunrise Boutique Hotel 3 stars Isfahan

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