Yazd Atash Kadeh (Fire Temple)
Silent Tower, Yazd
Saryazd Castle
Saheb-al-Zaman Zoorkhaneh, Yazd
Historical city of Meybod

About Yazd County

Yazd city is the center of Yazd province, Yazd is considered to be of the old cities of Iran and one of the best desert cities. It’s the first raw adobe city and the second historical city in the world after Venice in Italy. This region has been considered as one of the main and historical path and passageways of Iran and has always been noted by governments. Yazd is known as the “City of Windcatchers”. Also, “Bride of the Desert”, “Dar al Elm”, “City of Bicycles” and “the City of Sweets” are considered to be its other titles. Yazd is the city of different cultures and religions and its cultural inhabitants live peacefully together. This city is sister to the cities of Homs in Syria, Jaszbereny in Hungary, Nizwa in Oman, Jakarta the capital of Indonesia, Holguin in Cuba and Yeosu in South Korea. This city was recorded in UNESCO World Heritage in 2017.

Beautiful view of Yazd city and it's windtowers.

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