Yazd Atash Kadeh (Fire Temple)
Silent Tower, Yazd
Saryazd Castle
Saheb-al-Zaman Zoorkhaneh, Yazd
Historical city of Meybod

About Abarkuh County


Abarkuh is one of the oldest regions of Iran located in center of Iran and within the confines of Yazd province. The mere mass of the remaining monuments, each of which bear an artistic and architectural treasure of Iran, and long and ancient canals, are the signs of prosperity and an old and proud history in this region. Abarkuh county is located at southwest of Yazd province, in a plain region and on the route of Yazd-Shiraz road.

The four thousand year old Cypress of Abarkuh, which is known to all tourists, expresses subtle points about the prosperity and history of this land.

Most Popular Tourist Attractions Of Abarkuh County

Tourist Attractions Of Abarkuh County

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