Yazd Atash Kadeh (Fire Temple)
Silent Tower, Yazd
Saryazd Castle
Saheb-al-Zaman Zoorkhaneh, Yazd
Historical city of Meybod

About Yazd Province

Yazd province with the centrality of Yazd city is located approximately at the eastern center of the country and the outskirts of the desert. This province has ancient history and has always had a special position gaining the interests of many a government; but luckily, it has not been invaded much and has guarded its cultural and historical purity. Due to being situated at arid, desert region, has not been that interesting for the invaders and its impassable paths have done their duty in safekeeping it. Yazd is a multicultural land, in which the Iranian people have been living peacefully with their peculiar customs alongside each other. This province has many various attractions, different    than those of the other parts of Iran, which has only added to its beauty. Green valleys and highland areas, springs, mountains and peaks, caves, wildlife and hunting grounds and specially the desert attractions are of the interesting features of Yazd province’s  nature, some of which are considered as the important recreational places the province. 

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