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Ancient Teppe Hasanlu
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About Oshnavieh County


Oshnaviesh is of the border counties of West Azerbaijan province and it is located at its western region. This county neighbors Turkey from north and Iraq from south and its center is Oshnavieh city. Oshnavieh is a small city but has a beautiful and pristine nature that surround it with rivers and high mountains. Its pleasant and attractive gardens with greenery, flowers and fruits such as cherry pique the interest of so many visitors. Oshnavieh is known as the Cherry Capital of Iran. Oshnavieh has fertile lands and its tobacco was quite famous in the past and the first Iranian cigar, under the name of “Oshnav Vizhe” (special Oshnav), was produced from the tobacco of Oshnavieh in four different types.

Most Popular Tourist Attractions Of Oshnavieh County

Tourist Attractions Of Oshnavieh County

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