St. Taddeus Church, Chaldran
Takht-e Solyman, Takab
St. Mary Church Urmia
Ancient Teppe Hasanlu
Arg e Bam

About Chaldran County


Chaldran is one of the counties of West Azerbaijan province located at the northwestern part of it. Chaldran is the fifteenth most populous county of West Azerbaijan province. The center of this county is Siah Cheshmeh city. This county used to be a part Maku county in the past. Different swamps and ponds are of the natural sights of this county. Qara Kelisa, which is the resting place of one of the apostles, attracts thousands of tourists from different parts of the world annually, and is on the list of world’s historical buildings.

Most Popular Tourist Attractions Of Chaldran County

Tourist Attractions Of Chaldran County

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