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Takht-e Solyman, Takab
St. Mary Church Urmia
Ancient Teppe Hasanlu
Arg e Bam

About Bukan County


Bukan is one of the important counties of West Azerbaijan. This county is situated on the Western transit road in an almost entirely mountainous region. This county neighbors the Miandoab county from north and Saqqez county from south, Shahin Dezh county from east and Mahabad county from west. Bukan is considered to be the second city in Iran, after Karaj, to be the host destination for immigrations from other parts of Iran; especially from its northern and western regions of it, many people have come to call Bukan, home. Bukan is the largest city at south of West Azerbaijan province and it is the center of Bukan county. This city has been granted the title, “Bride of Iran’s cities”.

Most Popular Tourist Attractions Of Bukan County

Tourist Attractions Of Bukan County

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