Shahr-e Sukhteh, Zabol
Beautiful Beaches of Chabahar
Seb Castle, Sarvan
Dahan-e Gholaman, Zabol
Naseri Castle, Iranshahr

About Sistan and Baluchestan Province

Sistan and Baluchestan province is located at the east and southeast of Iran. It is Iran’s vastest province with area approximately equal to that of Syria but is less populous. Sistan includes Zabol and the cities around it and Baluchestan encompasses the rest of the cities from Zahedan to Chabahar. Theis province has special significance in the region because of being located at a strategic and transit location; especially Chabahar which is the only ocean in Iran and best and easiest access route of the middle Asian countries to free waters. Zahedan is the center of this province, which is also connected to Mirjaveh of Pakistan through rail road. Sistan and Baluchestan province is considered to be the rainbow of the country’s mines. This province has unparalleled natural and historical attractions and Chabahar port has also added to its beauty. Shahre Sukhteh, listed at UNESCO World Heritage is world renowned. 

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