Tarikhane Mosque, Damghan
Jame Mosque of Semnan
Tomb of Bayazid Bastami
Shir Qaleh of Shahmirzad
Darband Cave, Mahdishahr

About Semnan Province


Semnan province is one of Iran’s provinces. It is neighbor with eight other provinces and in terms of vastness it is 4 times the size of Tehran province. It is located at the southern slopes of the Alborz mountains. Its altitude decreases from north to south and reaches the Dashte Kavir at the end.

Turan and Kavir national parks are national parks of Iran located at Semnan province. Semnan province with an ancient history has always been a witness to great historical events in Iran and has many natural and historical tourist attractions from different eras and governments of Iran. It’s interesting to note that the presidents of Iran from year 2005 to 20017 both have hailed from this province.


For the specific geographic situation of Semnan provice and its adjacence with Alborze mountains and flat desertlands, every part of this provice has a particular continental situation. Such as hot and dry weather in the south, moderated weather in the center, cold and dry weather in the north east and almost cold weather in north.

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