Imam Reza Shrine
Tomb of Ferdowsi
Mausoleum of Omar Khayyam
Mausoleum of Attar Neyshaburi
Garden Complex of Naderi Museum

About Nishapur County


Nishapur is one of the counties of Razavi Khorasan province and its center is Nishapur city. Nishapur is known as the oldest ancient area of great Khorasan, which is still inhabited. UNESCO held the “Nishapur, the sustainable city of Iran” convention in Nishapur on June 29, 2010, and named it “the most sustainable city in the history of Iran”. Nishapur is sister with the cities of Kairouan in Tunisia, Karbala, Baghdad and Basra in Iraq, Ghazni, Balkh and Heart in Afghanistan, Merv in Turkmenistan, Bukhara, Samarqand and Khiva in Uzbekistan, Khojan and Kulob in Tajikistan, Konya in Turkey and Khoy in Iran.

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