Imam Reza Shrine
Tomb of Ferdowsi
Mausoleum of Omar Khayyam
Mausoleum of Attar Neyshaburi
Garden Complex of Naderi Museum

About Mashhad County

Mashhad is a metropolis in northeast of Iran and the center of Razavi Khorasan. This city was the capital of Iran during the Afsharid dynasty. Mashhad is the second largest in Iran after Tehran. Mashhad owes its significance and current location to the holy shrine of Imam Reza which attracts more 20 million tourists per year from all parts of Iran and other countries. Best and most glorious of Islamic arts can be observed in this religious complex. Mashhad also has many cultural, historical and natural attractions, among which the tomb of Ferdowsi, the tomb and museum of Afshar Shah’s mother can be named. Also, Mashhad Expo is currently the largest and most active international expo in the country after Tehran Expo. Mashhad was officially chosen as the “Spiritual Capital of Iran” in 2009 and “Capital of Islamic Culture” in 2017.

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