Holy Shrine of Lady Fatima Masumeh
Jamkaran Mosque
Deyr Gachin Caravansary
Timche of the Carpet Bazaar, Qom
سوهان قم٬ قم

About Qom County

Qom is the only county of Qom province in the center of Iran; therefore, their location, area and population are the same. The center of this county is Qom city and it islocated 125 kilometers south of Tehran, the capital of Iran. This city is located at the transit and transportation highway of Iran and from one side is the nexus center of the industrial cities of Iran with Tehran and from another side is the liaison between the southern cities of Iran with the northern ones. This city is the resting place of Lady Fatemeh  Masumeh, daughter of Musa ibn Jafar, the seventh Shia Imam and also, traditionally, the burial place of many Shia high clerics and also the biggest Seminary of Iran, which is also the management center of the other seminaries, is located at this city. The pilgrimage significance of this city is first due to the holy shrine of Lady Fatemeh Masumeh and then because of having the tombs of many Alavis and decedents of the Imams and also the Jamkaran mosque. Qom is the only metropolis in Iran that doesn’t have air pollution problems. Qom city is sister city with five other cities in the world. 

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