Holy Shrine of Lady Fatima Masumeh
Jamkaran Mosque
Deyr Gachin Caravansary
Timche of the Carpet Bazaar, Qom
سوهان قم٬ قم

About Qom Province

Having less than one percent of the country’s whole area, Qom province is known as Iran’s smallest province. It was separated from the Markazi province on 1994 and became an independent province of its own with Qom city as its center. Qom is located at the territory of Iran’s central desert. Salt covered deserts, golden dunes, running sands, dirt mountains and hills and etc all are the extraordinary desert visages of Qom. The most important factor affecting the economy of the province is the tourism industry, especially the religious tourism. The Shrine of Lady Masumeh invites may a pilgrim to this province annually, adding to its prosperity.

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