Alamut Castle
Chehel Sotoun Palace, Qazvin
Aminiha House
Caravanserai of Sa\\\\\\\\\\\\\\d al-Saltaneh, Qazvin
Imamzade Hossein, Qazvin

About Takestan County


Takestan county is located in Qazvin province. Its center is Takestan city, largest city inhabited by Tats and Tati speaking people in Iran and the world. Takestan city is located 30 kilometers southwest of Qazvin, on the transit axis of Qazvin-Hamadan and Qazvin-Zanjan. The city gets its name from its many great vineyards (Takestan means vineyard). Takestan was once known as the land of golden grape stalks.

Most Popular Tourist Attractions Of Takestan County

Tourist Attractions Of Takestan County

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