Alamut Castle
Chehel Sotoun Palace, Qazvin
Aminiha House
Caravanserai of Sa\\\\\\\\\\\\\\d al-Saltaneh, Qazvin
Imamzade Hossein, Qazvin

About Qazvin County

Qazvin is one of the largest cities of Iran in the west and the center of Qazvin province. Qazvin was the capital of Iran for 57 years during the Safavid dynasty and, as a result of that, it has many historical locations and museums. Qazvin, Iran’s capital of calligraphy, aside from historical andagricultural backgrounds, is also considered as one of the biggest industrial centers of Iran. Qazvin has become a sister city of Perugia in Italy and is also the sister of some other cities in the world. 

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