Alamut Castle
Chehel Sotoun Palace, Qazvin
Aminiha House
Caravanserai of Sa\\\\\\\\\\\\\\d al-Saltaneh, Qazvin
Imamzade Hossein, Qazvin

About Qazvin Province

Qazvin province is located at the northwestern part of Iran with the centrality of Qazvin city. This province is of the historical provinces of Iran and has many ancient relics and monuments and is the number one province of Iran in terms of the registered monuments. This region is the first plain in Iran with a budgetary row in the country. Qazvin is the main Tati (which is an oldlanguage) speaking province in the country and has even been given the title “ Umm ul’Quray of Tati language”. This province is the birthplace of calligraphic and literary artists such as Ali Akbar Dehkhoda. Alamut stronghold is a remnant of the Ismaili rule during a period of Iran. Also, Qazvin city had been the country’s capital for half a century during the Safavid reign.

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