Ancient Bilkis City
Sarigol National Park
Mofakham Mansion, Bojnourd
Spakhoo Temple
Ruin Village

About North Khorasan Province

North Khorasan province with the centrality of Bojnurd city is located at the northeast of Iran. This province was established by the directive of the government after dividing the (former) Khorasan province into three provinces on year 2004. In terms of geographical location, this province neighbors the Turkmenistan country from the north, Razavi Khorasan from the east and south, Semnan province from southwest and Golestan province from the west. The relics discovered in this province are signs of its ancient history.  The archeological site known as Tepe Pahlavan near Jajarm has more than 12 thousand years of history. Due to various languages and ethnicities, the shining culture and art of this province is very attractive to the tourists. Historical and natural monuments of North Khorasan province are very numerous and attractive and even some of them are the only one of their kind. The dense protected forests in this province have special plants and animals exclusive to Iran and even Asia and the world. 

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