Falak-ol-Aflak Castle
Pol-e Dokhtar of Pol-e Dokhtar county
Homian Cave Paintings
Azna Snow Tunnel
Fritillaries, Aligudarz

About Lorestan Province

The four season Lorestan province with its pleasant mountainous climate is a land located in the west part of Iran in the middle Zagros Mountains and its center is Khorram Abad city. This province, which is considered to be one of the first human habitats and civilization, has many valuable relics. The witnesses to this claim are the remnants obtained from the caves and stone shelters of Khorram Abad valley and cave paintings of Mirmalas and Homian of Kuhdasht, which as the most basic signs and paintings of the early humans, rival those of Lascaux cave in France and Altamira cave in Spain. The bronze wares of Lorestan, which also have quite a bit of history, are of the valuable ancient relics of the region and have a special place in the world’s famous museums. Lorestan province is also the land of lakes and waterfalls and due to being located at the Zagros Mountains and the existence of many water resources has a special position in terms of tourism and natural beauties. Blind Fish cave, which is the habitat of Garra Typhlops, is the only national natural landmark of Lorestan province and is special to this part of Iran only.

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