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Statue of Hercules
Anahita Temple, Kangavar
Silent Towers of Sahneh
Bisotun Inblockedion

About Qasr-e Shirin County

 Qasr-e Shirin

Qasr-e Shirin is one of the counties of Kermanshah province and its center is Qasr-e Shirin city. Qasr-e Shirin has always been noted for its tall palm trees and agricultural products. Many different racial and religious ethnicities have always coexisted peacefully in this land.  It’s also worth mentioning that there are oil reservoirs around Qasr-e Shirin. Qasr-e Shirin, due to having historical monuments related to the Sassanid era, is very famous and important.

Most Popular Tourist Attractions Of Qasr-e Shirin County

Tourist Attractions Of Qasr-e Shirin County

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