Naqsh-e Jahan Square
Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque
Abyaneh Village
Tabatabaei House, Kashan
Si-o-Seh Pol

About Isfahan County

Isfahan is an ancient city at the center of Iran and the center of Isfahan province. Isfahan is the third largest city and populous one in Iran after Tehran and Mashhad. The city achieved great prosperity in between the years 1050-1722, and especially in the sixteenth century when it became the capital of Iran during the Safavid era for the second time (the first time was during the Seljuk dynasty).

There are many historical buildings in the city, some of which have been registered at UNESCO as historical heritage. Isfahan was chosen as the cultural capital of Islamic world in 2006 and the cultural capital of Iranian and Islamic civilization in 2009 and also as the industrial capital of Iran after Tehran. Also this city, alongside Rasht, joined the UNESCO creative cities of the world network on December 2015. Naqshe Jahan Square is one of the largest squares in the world and an outstanding example of Islamic architecture, which has been registered by UNESCO as world heritage. 

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