Valli Castle, Ilam
Chahar Taghi Fire Temple of Darreh Shahr
Kabir Kouh Protected Area
Ancient Bahram Chobin Canyon
Ilam Dam Lake

About Abdanan County


Abdanan county, with the centrality of Abdanan city, is located at south of Ilam province. Geographically, this county is located between the two Kabir Kuh and Dinar Kuh mountains, which is one of the main reasons for its industrial underdevelopment. The transportation route of this county to the city valley and the center of province is winding and dangerous one, passing through the heart of Kabir Kuh. Abdanan is the fourth most populous county of Iran province. It is important for its military, agriculture and animal husbandry. This county has large resources of oil, gas, sulfur and hot springs.

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