Indians Temple, Bandar Abbas
Delgosha Jame Mosque, Bandar Abbas
لاک پشت های پوزه عقابی٬‌ قشم
Kish Beaches
موسیقی محلی جنوبی

About Hormozgan Province

Hormozgan province is located at the south of Iran and north of Hormoz strait and its center is Bandar Abbas. The coasts of this province are connected to the Sea from the east and Persian Gulf from the west. Qeshm and Kish are of the important islands of Hormozgan. Hormozgan is the number one province in the country in terms of revenue.  Persian gulf with its precious oil and gas reservoirs and other natural treasures is the most important reason for the economic development of the region. In social terms, this province is considered to be within high ranking places and different ethnicities, each with their own special culture, have added to the cultural richness of it. In terms of tourism, Hormozgan province has several natural and historical attractions. 

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