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About Turkmen County


Bandar Turkmen, as a coastal city that dates back to the time of Reza Shah Pahlavi, has about eighty years of history. Bandar Turkmen is a city in the west of Golestan province. Its name used to be Bandar Shah before the revolution. It is the center of Turkmen county.

Bandar Turkmen is one of those cities to first have the railroad installed upon it. This city was founded in 1306 solar calendar (1927) by Reza Shah and its municipality was established in 1309 (1930).

Bandar Shah used to have three piers in the past, remains of which can still be seen.

Of the tourist locations of it, Ashuradeh Island can be mentioned, which is about one kilometer away from its coast. This island used to be residential until a few years ago. Now it is at the disposal of fisheries.

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Tourist Attractions Of Turkmen County

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