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About Kordkuy County


Kordkuy is one of the counties of Golestan province and its center is Kordkuy city. Kordkuy county displays a new and charming visage every season thanks to its attractive nature. Forest, with the most beautiful views of valleys, forest mountains, rivers, springs, special and unique rural areas, highland villages of Deraz-e Now and Jahan Nama, emamzades, exhibit the important tourism capabilities of Kordkuy county.

Kordkuy county is of the few counties in the country to have all the four plain, foothill, mild and cold mountain climates. Kordkuy has come to be known as the county of waterfalls because of the spectacular seven storeyed waterfall of Shadan, Do Ab and Sar Kalateh-ye Kharab Shahr .

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