Golestan National Park
Gonbad-e Qabus (tower)
Ashuradeh Island
Rango Waterfall, Gorgan
Bandar-e Turkmen

About Gorgan County

Gorgan is the center of Golestan province, which is located at the northeast of Iran. The civilization in this region dates back to six thousand years ago. Gorgan city has always had an epochal role in the blossoming of Iran’s culture and civilization; therefore, it was known as Dar al Momenin (House of believers) during the Safavid era. This beautiful and historical city is considered to be one of the most important touristm centers of Golestan province and has impressive historical and natural monuments.  Historical structure of Gorgan city is the most unique historical structure in north of Iran; which has been registered as the 41th historical monument of Iran on the list of Iran’s national monuments on September 16, 1931. Gorgan was called Astrabad until 1937, and only afterthat did it change name to its former name, Gorgan. Gorgan is sister cities with Aktau in Kazakhstan and Samsun in Turkey.

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