Cyrus Tomb, Pasargad
Tachar palace, Persepolis
Naqsh-e Rustam, Marvdasht
Sarvestan Palace
Shah Cheragh, Shiraz

About Shiraz County

Shiraz is one of the larger cities of Iran and it is the center of Fars province. After Tabriz and Tehran, Shiraz is the third city to adopt the municipality institution. Ever since the ancient Iran until now, this city has had a history filled with stories.  Shiraz has always been considered as one of the major centers of tourism in Iran and it is quite well known by its many tourist attractions to both the foreign and domestic tourists. By the directive of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, the middle day of spring which is 15th of Ordibehesht (5th of May) has been named the day of Shiraz. It’s also worth mentioning that Shiraz is sister cities with seven other cities in the world. 

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