El Golu Park, Tabriz
Kandovan village, Osku
Saint Stepanos Monastery, Jolfa
Babak Fort, Kaleybar
Zahhak Castle, Hashtrud

About Varzaqan County


Varzaqan county is located in Arasbaran jungle region of East Azerbaijan province. This region has many historical and tourist attractions in a way that it has earned the second place as a tourist destination in the province. There is a village named Kringan in Varzaqan, whose people still speak in the ancient Tati language.

Due to being located at the global copper zone, the existence of rich copper, gold and silver mines have given it the title “Red Gold of Iran”.

Varzaqan county has 205 registered monuments on the list of Iran’s national monuments. These monuments include castles, historical areas and sites, historical houses, ancient inscriptions, graveyards and historical stones and most of East Azerbaijan’s castles are located in Varzaqan county.

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