Tabriz Covered Bazaar
Blue Mosque of Tabriz
Arg-e Ali Shah Castle
Saheb-ol Amr Mosque
Tomb of Poets

About Tabriz County

O Tabriz, resting on the lap of Sahand, a dormant volcano, but Tabriz itself is a volcano erupting every now and then with a mighty roar, changing the countenance of history. Tabriz is one of the oldest cities of Iran. The collection of historical relics and archeological signs uncovered from several of its places as a result of many excavations are proofs of its ancient history. The oldest record found about the Tabriz city is from the inscription of Sargon II the Assyrian king (750-722 BC), in which it is described as a large and prosperous city with a labyrinthine fortification.
Tabriz is the cradle of science and civilization, pioneering scout of the firsts in Iran, out of which the establishment of the first state association on 1906, developing the city managing systems such as the municipality by Ghasem Khan Vali, founding the first literary society on 1900 and establishment of the first modern school by Haji Mirza Hassan Roshdieh on year 1889 can be named. 

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