El Golu Park, Tabriz
Kandovan village, Osku
Saint Stepanos Monastery, Jolfa
Babak Fort, Kaleybar
Zahhak Castle, Hashtrud

About Jolfa County

Jolfa is one of counties in East Azerbaijan province located in the northwest of the province. The center of this county is Jolfa city. Jolfa city was previously considered one of the Regions of the county of Marand , but has become an independent city because of its importance and being the center of trade. Jolfa city is located to the north of the Kiyamaki mountain and the southern bank of the Aras river.

This county is confine from the south to Marand and Varzeghan, from the east to Kaleybar, to the West Azerbaijan province from the west and the countries of Armenia and Republic of Azerbaijan from the north.

As we mentioned formerly Jolfa was a subordinate city of Marand but later with the incorporation of several villages of Dizmar Arasbaran with the centrality of Kharvana it became a county under the title of Siah Rud (Black River) region or Western Dizmar which most of the historical and religious sites and the touristic forests of this county are located in Western Dizamr, in the villages of Kordasht, Ushtibin, Nujmehr, Duzal and etc. Of the most important historical and interesting things to see in this county are :

The tomb of Haji Seyyed Abolghasem Nabati, Duzal Tower, Kordasht Bathhouse , St. Stepanos Monastery , Nanny Maryam Church, Khaje Nazar inn, Chapel of Chupan , Kharaba Dayirman, Ushtibin village, Saint Mary Church , Shrine of Seyyed Mohammad, Shrine of Baba Yaghub, Ali Beyg Castle, Historical Bathhouse of Julfa , Shrine of Seyyed Ibrahim and the Kordasht Castle.

Some other features include lyingin the bank of the Aras river , its being positioned next to the Iranian-Armenian and Iranian-Azerbaijani borders and being located in a trade zone has turned this county into one of the most important trading poles of Iran. The Altin Aras hotel has been constructed within this historical city and is with its experienced staff is awaiting to welcome guests.

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