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About BostanAbad County


Bostanabad is of the eastern cities of East Azerbaijan province and the center of Bostanabad county. This city is made up of three historical parts called Eski Kend, Bostanabad Olya and Vasati middle) Bostanabad. The inhabitants speak in Azerbaijani Turkish. Due to being situated between to two large cities of Azerbaijan (Tabriz and Mianeh), this city has considerable economic importance.

Bostanabad is a mountainous region and its southern parts are covered by high and snowy mountains. To its north are the Bozgush mountains and to its west Mordagh mountains, with a height of 2960 meters; on the trail of Bozgush and Mordagh is a mountain called Tek Alti and the famous Shibli cervix. The highest part of the county is the Sahand mountain with a height of 3772 meters.

The temperature of the county’s center reaches minues 46 degrees sometimes, therefore, it has also been labeled as the coldest city in Iran.

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