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About Bonab County


Bonab is of the southern cities of East Azerbaijan province and the center of Bonab county. According to the recovered artifacts and relics from Bonab city, it dates back to six thousand years ago. Its geographical location and the relics recovered from local excavations are in accordance with the descriptions of Shiz city. Recovered artifacts from the excavations of Qara Tepe Gazovish and Qizlar Qalasi (maiden castle), which are one of the ninety three ancient sites, and also the existence of thirty six interconnected caves (Savar rocky architecture), show that people were living there in groups at pre-historic times. Also the discovery of old earthenware and metal ware and signs of urban civilization prove this ancient history.

Bonab has 25 registered historical monuments on the list of Iran’s national monuments, out of which, 8 are under protection.

Also, Bonab is globally famous for its delicious Kebabs. Bonab Kebab shops have opened in many cities of Iran.

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